About Our School

Through 44 years of teaching experience, Darwin Haynes has developed a well rounded, traditional martial arts program that is rooted in Tang Soo Do, but includes techniques and theories gathered from many different styles of Martial arts. These include Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Muy Thai, and modern Law Enforcement and Military concepts. We believe that any style may have something useful to offer, and because we do not limit ourselves to one small minded curriculum our style is constantly evolving and becoming even more complete.

Korean martial arts have existed under one name or another through the centuries and dynasties of Korean history. These styles are largely influenced by Karate because of the years of Japanese occupation in Korea. Most practitioners of Tang Soo Do consider it’s modern founder to be Grandmaster Hwang Kee who combined elements of the Korean art Tae Kyon and included principles of northern and southern Chinese Kung Fu. Therefore, Tang Soo Do is both a hard and soft style that makes use of the abrupt linear motions of Japanese and Okinowan origin and the flowing circular techniques of the Chinese styles. When taught correctly it is one of the most well balanced forms of self defense to take up.

Tang Soo Do, since its inception, has been largely admired in Korea where there were a large number of traditional schools and it was the chosen art for instruction of the Korean Military. But over the last two decades it has also emerged from Tae Kwon Do’s shadow to become a well respected art here in the United States. Notable practitioners of the style include Richard Chun, Arthur Cohen, Ho Sik Pak, Darwin Haynes Choong Jae Nim Master Chun Sik Kim and Chuck Norris.